2023 Could Be the Year of Women in Trucking

Despite the driver shortage – or maybe in spite of it – women are starting careers in the trucking industry at record rates. For some, it is a way to generate income after the kids have moved out. For others, trucking provides a sense of financial security and independence. Still others are breaking off and becoming owner-operators, or starting their own trucking companies, as a means of proving to themselves and the world that glass ceilings are meant to be shattered. Whatever the reason, the trucking industry is glad to have a growing demographic of new drivers, and rising wages among carriers show no sign of slowing momentum. Women now hold over 13% of all jobs in the trucking industry, and that number is only going to go up in 2023 and beyond.

So how can more women get into trucking and start earning income while driving or launching their own trucking companies?

1. Study the trucking industry

Just like no one becomes a surgeon by watching reruns of MASH, trucking also takes skill and training. But trucking is much more than just knowing how to operate a Class-8 vehicle. There are state and federal regulations to be aware of, hours of service that cannot be ignored, expenses, and other factors. For those looking to start their own trucking companies, there are permits, more regulations, and compliance guidelines. The trucking industry has been around for a long time, and it is part of the foundation that moves our economy. There is a lot of depth to the industry, and trucking is always employing the latest technology to keep things rolling. Studying the granular details about truck driving and making deliveries is as important as understanding trends, the tension between shippers and carriers, and how events that happen across the world can impact the trucking industry, ranging from the price of fuel to long waits at loading docks.

2. There is no “I” in “Team”

Whether you are looking to become a truck driver for a carrier, an owner-operator, or launch your own trucking business, everyone is dependent on everyone else. Unlike other industries, where women are frequently singled out or held to different standards, women in the trucking industry are embraced because they are helping the economy, the transportation/freight sector, and larger logistical concepts. Truckers rely on each other for information – be it traffic and weather, fluctuations in shipping rates, or where to get the best fuel prices. Owner-operators work closely with shippers that have unique contracts that cannot be handled by major carriers, as well as large trucking companies themselves, when they need extra drivers. Women who launch their own trucking companies work hand-in-hand with their own drivers, vendors, shippers, dispatchers, and make sure cash flow is always healthy to sustain and grow their operations. There are many women leaders that emerge in the trucking industry, but they understand that everything is a team effort.

3. Ask questions and don’t stay quiet

While other industries may discourage women from asking questions or pointing out things, the trucking industry encourages it. Whether you have a question during training, have an issue with compliance, or if you have ideas on how things could run better or save money, the trucking industry welcomes it all. To reference the above segment, everything is a team effort. If drivers are unsure of compliance issues, that could result in the whole company getting flagged. If there is a way to do things more efficiently or save money, then everyone benefits. Trucking is one industry where communication is essential, and speaking up is the best way to get clarification on issues, get recognized for ideas, and build cohesiveness as a team.

Make 2023 Your Year

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