3 Ways Fleet Owners Can Lower Fuel Costs

Of all the expenses that concern fleet owners, fuel costs are near the top of the list. In addition to making up a sizable part of every fleet’s budget, the cost of fuel is subject to hikes on a whim. With price fluctuations, fleet owners cannot accurately budget, but there are a few key things fleet owners can do to lower fuel costs.

Better Driving Practices Can Lower Fuel Costs

The habits of drivers can be changed to lower fuel costs. Idling is one of the biggest sources of fuel consumption. While drivers have little influence over how quickly shipments are loaded and unloaded, they can turn off their engines. Trucking companies can work with clients and shippers to improve loading times, emphasizing that a more efficient process works out better for everyone involved. The other cause of fuel consumption that is directly tied to driving habits is traveling at top speeds to cover more distance during a shift. Trucks use more fuel at higher speeds, and drivers should be using cruise control and even auxiliary power devices to increase fuel efficiency during long hauls.

Planning and Scoring

The price of fuel varies across the country, and each state has its own fuel tax. Planning interstate trips with stops to refuel at key locations can save your fleet a lot of money. In conjunction with trip planning, fleets are using fuel usage as a metric on scorecards so drivers can see how they compare to others. Scorecards are usually used with a rewards system, as well as training on how fuel costs affect overhead, revenue, and wages.

Lowering Fuel Costs for the Whole Fleet

One of the best ways to lower fuel costs for the whole fleet is to use a fuel card program that is partnered with truck stops and major wholesalers nationwide. Single Point Capital offers a fuel card program that gives big savings per gallon at chains such as Flying J, Road Ranger, Speedway, and more. Our fuel cards also offer the lowest market price from major wholesalers like Exxon, Chevron, Shell, Gulf, Texaco, and others. Our cards also provide an advantage to fleet owners, so they can monitor transactions in real-time, manage expenses, detect fleet fraud, and get driver report cards on fuel consumption. If you want to lower fuel costs for your fleet, contact Single Point Capital today and learn more about our fuel cards.