Announcing the New Single Point App

Single Point Capital is proud to announce our new mobile app, which provides users with everything they need from news to the ability to submit invoices for same-day payments, a schedule to track funding, and a tool to run instantaneous credit checks on your customers, and much more. We designed our app with our clients in mind, giving them complete control on the go.

Getting Started

The Single Point app can be used by all of our clients. Simply search for the Single Point app, download it to your device, and log in with your credentials (you can find them in the “Welcome” email sent to your business email address.) Once you have logged in, you will be brought to the “Home” screen, which will serve as your hub for everything you need. The home screen provides you with a variety of jump-off points, including:

  • News: Get the latest news of what’s happening at Single Point, such as events, holiday hours, and trade show appearances.
  • Blogs: Get insights on the trucking industry, the economy, how to improve cash flow, information on transportation legislation, and more.
  • Promotions: Special deals on fuel, launching your own trucking company, fleet insurance, and other great deals.

From the home screen, you will see other tabs, labeled Credit, Funding, Account, and More. Let’s take a brief look at each.


By tapping the tab labeled “Credit,” users will be brought to a screen where they can run credit checks on their customers. Simply look up a customer by name or MC number in the search bar. If they are in our database, you can tap on them to get a simple status report indicating:

  • Approved
  • No Buy
  • Contact Credit Department

If, for some reason, your customer is not in our database, reach out to our credit department and we will add them.


The “Funding” tab allows users to submit paperwork for single-day factoring, check the status of the invoices they have submitted, and view previous funding schedules. Just enter the required load information, such as:

  • Customer Name
  • Load Number
  • Rate
  • Pick Up/Drop Off Location
  • Pick Up/Drop Off Date

After that, it is just a matter of scanning the necessary documents with your device’s camera, choosing how you want to receive your funding, and clicking “Submit.” You and upload multiple loads at once, and you will receive notifications as the status is updated.

Freight bill factoring has never been easier!


The account tab is straightforward, and gives users access to their information and our policies. You will also find contact information for Single Point Capital, as well as the ability to edit or remove Commdata Cards.

At Single Point Capital, we know that our clients are busy, and we are always thinking of ways to streamline the funding process to make things faster and easier. Download the Single Point app today, and experience total control and information access at the tap of a finger.