Factoring for Trucking Businesses in Miami, FL

Single Point Capital provides factoring services for trucking businesses in Miami, ML.

Why wait on brokers and clients that make payments every 30-90 days? Single Point Capital can supercharge your cash flow by turning your freight bills into cash within a single day.

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Freight Bill Factoring for Trucking Companies in Miami, FL

Single Point Capital works with trucking companies in Miami, FL to provide the most comprehensive freight bill factoring which features:

  • Get Funds in One Day:  Single Point Capital provides trucking companies in Miami, FL with funds in a single day when they submit receivables. You will receive payouts via ACH, wire transfer, or any other standard payment method you use.
  • Free Credit Checks: Single Point Capital offers trucking companies access to our online credit network, so they can make informed decisions about accepting loads from brokers and clients.
  • Eliminate Short-Term Loans: With a supercharged cash flow, trucking companies in Miami, FL can preserve credit ratings and eliminate the need for short-term loans to smooth over uneven revenue cycles.
  • No Minimum Required: Factoring from Single Point Capital allows you to choose which freight bills get factored.

Fuel Cards for Truckers and Fleets in Miami, FL

In addition to comprehensive freight factoring, Single Point Capital also offers fuel cards for drivers and trucking companies based in Miami, FL. The dual-sided functionality gives users the ability to manage both personal and company funds. Our fuel cards feature the MasterCard Signature Debit Network, which allows drivers and fleet owners to access millions of locations globally. Fuel cards from Single Point Capital also provide real-time reporting, so users can manage funds, authorizations, settlements, and take advantage of discounts.

Big Discounts When You Fill Up the Tank

Our fuel cards offer big discounts for truckers in Miami, FL from providers including:

  • Pilot/Flying J – save $.10/gal
  • Quick Fuel – save $.12/gal
  • Road Ranger Convenience – save $.10/gal
  • Speedway – save $.12/gal

Drivers will also receive the lowest market price from petroleum wholesalers including:

  • Chevron
  • Exxon
  • Gulf
  • Main Street Market
  • Shell
  • Texaco

Fuel Card Benefits for Miami, FL Truckers

For truckers in Miami, FL our fuel cards offer the following benefits:

  • Immediate access to funds, advances, and more
  • Most widely accepted driver debit card in the trucking industry
  • Access to millions of MasterCard locations with no transaction fees
  • Access to pay from any bank free of charge 24/7
  • ATM transactions with no surcharge fees through AllPoints ATM network
  • Manage funds from your smartphone

Benefits for Fleets in Miami, FL

Single Point Capital’s fuel cards offer a wide range of benefits for fleet owners in the Miami area:

  • Manage company funds and personal purchases
  • Tools for managing fleet expenses
  • Fuel discounts with real-time rates
  • Theft detection and fleet fraud alerts
  • Transaction tracking in real-time including insights into declines
  • Driver report cards and fuel expense scoring
  • Management tools for driver payroll, advances, and settlements

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When you partner with Single Point Capital, you get the most comprehensive freight bill factoring and the best fuel card benefits in the trucking industry. If you run a trucking business in Miami, FL and want the best factoring services to supercharge your cash flow, or if you want to take advantage of the best fuel card plan available, contact Single Point Capital today.