Freight Bill Factoring in Indianapolis, IN

We offer freight bill factoring to boost cash flow for trucking companies in Indianapolis, IN by providing funds for receivables in a single day.

Factoring Services for Trucking Companies in Indianapolis, IN

If you own a trucking company in Indianapolis, IN you understand the challenges of maintaining a strong cash flow. Freight bills with staggered schedules ranging from 30-90 days can lead to uneven revenue cycles, cash flow strains, and worse. Single Point Capital offers comprehensive freight bill factoring for trucking companies in Indianapolis, IN that features:

  • Single-Day Payments: When trucking companies in Indianapolis, IN submit freight bills to Single Point Capital, along with the supporting documentation, we will provide funds within a single day. We can send payouts via wire transfer, ACH, or any other standard method you prefer.
  • Free Customer Credit Checks: Why take shipments from brokers who might be slow with payments or not pay at all? Single Point Capital provides free access to our online credit system, so you can check up on your potential clients.
  • Stop Using Short-Term Loans: Freight bill factoring from Single Point Capital is debt-free, so trucking companies in Indianapolis, IN can preserve their credit ratings and stop using short-term loans to smooth out revenue cycles.
  • No Minimum: You are in control of which receivables get factored.
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Fuel Cards for Trucking Companies and Drivers in Indianapolis, IN

Single Point Capital also offers fuel cards for drivers and fleets in the Indianapolis area. Our fuel cards feature dual-sided functionality, so you can manage personal and company funds. Our cards work at millions of locations around the globe because they use the MasterCard Signature Debit Network. Fuel cards from Single Point Capital also feature real-time reporting tools, so drivers and fleet owners can manage funds, authorizations, settlements, and more.

Take Advantage of Big Savings on Fuel

Fuel cards from Single Point Capital offer big discounts from fuel providers such as:

  • Pilot/Flying J – save $.10/gal
  • Quick Fuel – save $.12/gal
  • Road Ranger Convenience – save $.10/gal
  • Speedway – save $.12/gal

Drivers will also receive the lowest market price from petroleum wholesalers including:

  • Chevron
  • Exxon
  • Gulf
  • Main Street Market
  • Shell
  • Texaco

Benefits for Drivers in Indianapolis, IN

Drivers in Indianapolis, IN get access to a wide range of benefits with our fuel cards:

  • Immediate access to funds, advances, and more
  • Most widely accepted driver debit card in the trucking industry
  • Access to millions of MasterCard locations with no transaction fees
  • Access to pay from any bank free of charge 24/7
  • ATM transactions with no surcharge fees through AllPoints ATM network
  • Manage funds from your smartphone

Benefits for Trucking Companies in Indianapolis, IN

Fuel cards from Single Point Capital also offer a number of benefits and tools to trucking companies in Indianapolis, IN:

  • Manage company funds and personal purchases
  • Tools for managing fleet expenses
  • Fuel discounts with real-time rates
  • Theft detection and fleet fraud alerts
  • Transaction tracking in real-time including insights into declines
  • Driver report cards and fuel expense scoring
  • Management tools for driver payroll, advances, and settlements

The Most Comprehensive Service for Your Trucking Company

Single Point Capital offers big savings at the pump as well as the most comprehensive factoring services for trucking companies in Indianapolis, IN. Contact our team today to get started.