Single Point Capital offers fuel credit lines to keep your trucks moving. Our fuel credit program provides up to $1500 per truck, per week, and is available exclusively to Single Point Capital’s freight factoring clients.

How Our Fuel Credit Lines Work

We structure our lines of credit around the total amount of revenue generated by our clients each month. Single Point Capital’s internal credit rating system calculates the amount of fuel credit that each client receives. The invoices received from existing factoring clients are leveraged to create a fuel credit line which the drivers can use at a wide range of nationwide truck stops. Our fuel credit lines feature:

• Fuel credit lines of up to 20% of your monthly revenue volume
• Credit grows with your fleet
• Low interest rates
• Mobile apps to manage your fuel account
• Fuel card can be used wherever MasterCard® is accepted
• No fees to cardholders when MasterCard® Signature Debit is used at the point-of-sale.

Savings on Fuel and More

Our fuel program includes a mobile app that allows your drivers to find the lowest fuel prices while on the road. The app shows net prices with available discounts so truckers can fuel up, while saving money for your company.

Keeping your trucks fueled is just a small part of the savings Single Point Capital offers to clients. Our fuel card program offers a number of benefits, including:

• Acceptance at more than 7,000 fuel locations nationwide
• Discounts on tires from more than 3,000 dealers
• Discounts at the pump from thousands of truck fueling locations and diesel merchants
• Cover maintenance costs with our MasterCard® network
• App features save time at CAT Scale Weigh Stations

Single Point Makes It Easy to Manage Your Fleet’s Funds

Enrolling in our fuel program will enable you access to apps and tools that will help you to manage funds and track fleet expenses:

• Fuel discounts with real-time rates and locations
• Track transactions
• Theft detection and fraud alerts
• Management tools for payroll advances, and settlements
• Insights and reports for driver scorecards based on fuel use and expenses

Our customizable fuel program will provide savings and fuel credit lines for all your drivers, as your revenue and fleet continue to grow. The automated program will help you to accurately track expenses, enabling you to focus on running your trucking company.

Single Load Fuel Advance

Single Point Capital offers fuel advances based on the value of the hauled shipments. Our single load fuel advances are exclusive to both existing and new clients enrolled in our factoring program. Clients can receive a fuel advance up to 40% of the rate confirmation. For example, a truck hauling a shipment worth $1,000 can be provided an advance of up to $400. Single Point Capital can provide single load fuel advances to cover your fleet, according to the number of trucks listed on your company’s insurance policy. We issue new advances once the old ones are closed to keep your fleet moving, and our single load fuel advances can be used in tandem with our fuel credit line.