How Invoice Factoring Can Help Your Business (Updated 2022)

The trucking industry is a fast-paced business constantly changing with innovation and regulation. Therefore, many trucking businesses look for ways to keep their cash flow fast and predictable. Because of this, invoice factoring is a great solution to create a more reliable source of revenue. Single Point Capital is one of the top invoice factoring companies in the Houston area, with partners across the United States with some of the best rates for freight invoices.

Invoice Factoring allows trucking companies to get same-day funding on qualified invoices for the loads they haul. Not only that but top invoice factoring companies like Single Point Capital offers a suite of logistics services. These services include the following: 

  • free load boards
  • free credit reporting
  • low-rate invoice factoring
  • fuel discounts
  • dispatching
  • insurance
  • Start-up Program
  • also, many more benefits that help trucking companies run smoothly and predictably!

Our Advantages: 

All-In-One Program – Complete suite of financial services, logistics, and back-office; a full-service operation that can provide insurance quotes, find freight, dispatch trucks, and supply needed working capital.

Collections – Manages and resolves all collections efficiently and courteously. The company is sensitive to customers’ business relationships and works with these parties to ensure issues are resolved respectfully without recourse to an invoice.

Customized Rates – Competitive rates, no hidden fees, and scalable funding solutions that grow as clients’ businesses grow; rates are customizable based on creditworthiness, size, and organization.

Personal Service – Personal account executives manage all factoring needs providing consistency and continuity in the customer experience.

Free Credit Checks – Quick and thorough online system available for 24/7 access via an online portal that is continually updated with the latest business profile

Same Day Funding – We offer a fast and easy setup process with multiple funding options such as ACH, wire transfer, Comcheck, and fuel card. In addition, we constantly work to make our services as convenient for our clients as possible.

Single Point Capital prides itself on providing a wide range of services that helps its partner companies succeed. All in all, low-cost freight factoring offers the fastest method of getting working cash flow. Additionally, for a low interest rate, Single Point will provide same-day payments on invoices. Single Point Capital provides full back office logistics support, including collections, load management, fuel, and other logistical services.

When trucking businesses look for alternative cash flow sources to keep their business growing, freight invoice factoring offers a structured, fast invoice payout. We also provide back-office support that runs more like a partnership with your success, an essential part of our success.

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