How to Find Dispatching

How to Find Dispatching

From owner-operators to local trucking companies to large carrier fleets, dispatching is essential to keep the economy moving. Truckers need shipments to haul, and shippers need products and raw materials moved. Whether the economy is booming, or we are trying to make our way through a pandemic, goods need to be moved, and truckers need to know where to look to find dispatching.

Word of Mouth

Since the dawn of commerce, most business and connections have been made by word of mouth. Be it a co-worker, a friend, or a family member who knows someone, odds are pretty good that somebody in your personal or professional network knows of a shipment that is in need of a driver. If you want to find dispatching, talk to the people in your immediate circles.

Trucking Load Boards

Large trucking load boards, such as Truckstop, the Truckers Report, and DAT are constantly updated with jobs for truckers. If you can get online, you can connect with these load boards and find jobs, sort them by price and city, and get the shipments you want.

Government Contracts

It pays to register as a government contractor at the local, state, and even federal levels. From raw materials for construction and maintenance to computers, medical supplies, and other shipments, government agencies regularly rely on owner-operators and trucking companies to get shipments to where they need to go. The catch is that most government agencies do not post on regular load boards, so you have to seek out specific agencies and sign up as a government contractor.

Social Media

There are times when word of mouth doesn’t yield results. Sometimes the load boards do not have jobs in your area. And sometimes government contracts are not updated as frequently as they should be, so the jobs that appear available really aren’t. Well, a lot of truckers and fleet owners have been able to find dispatching on social media. Single Point Capital has its own Facebook group where people in the industry exchange helpful information, and members can find dispatching to land jobs and boost their revenue.

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