Improving Dispatching and Rates for the Trucking Industry

Rates are on a rise for a number of trucking categories, but relationships with brokers remain strained. Over the past few years, small fleets and owner-operators have been burned by brokers offering rates that approach unprofitable, while others take a long time to provide payment for the jobs completed. Fleets and owner-operators alike are looking for a more transparent solution that will allow them to work without losing money in the process.

More than Just Electronic Job Boards

The trucking industry needs something that goes beyond job boards that list shipments. Sometimes one job is listed multiple times and with conflicting information. Other times, jobs that have already been taking by one carrier is not taken down, creating confusion. Fleets and owner-operators need a dispatching service that will curate jobs and then look into the details so carriers know what the shipment entails.

Rates that Favor Carriers

Too many times in the past, fleet owners and independent drivers have to deal with brokers who do not communicate details about shipments or how many layers there are between the estimated rate and what is actually being paid. If brokers know that rates favor shippers – which was evident in much of 2019 – they will often low-ball carriers. The trucking industry needs a dispatching service that will not only find jobs, but also negotiate to get carriers the best rates possible with complete transparency. This would go a long way toward reducing less-than-ethical agreements between brokers and their clients.

A One-Stop Dispatching Solution

Single Point Capital is proud to announce that we have partnered with a dispatching team that offers the most comprehensive services to our clients. From finding jobs and matching them with carriers to negotiating and locking down the best rates possible, our team handles dispatching services for small to mid-sized fleets, refrigerated shipments, vans, and other hauling jobs. Dispatching services are available exclusively to clients who have signed up for our factoring services. At Single Point Capital, we are always looking for ways to improve the services we offer to the trucking industry. To learn more about our dispatching service, contact our team today.