Logistics and Freight Factoring Go Hand-in-Hand

Our economy relies on logistics. From matching shipment and drivers to plotting routes, logistics get products to their destinations and into the hands of customers safely and efficiently. Similarly, the trucking industry relies on freight factoring to ensure cash flow is optimized so carriers and their drivers can keep supply chains moving. Logistics and freight factoring go hand-in-hand so that the trucking industry – and the economy at large – can thrive and grow.

Announcing a New Partnership

Single Point Capital, a leader in freight factoring services, has partnered with Polaris Logistics Group. For years, Polaris has been providing logistics and supply chain solutions 24/7/365 to keep carriers rolling. It made sense for Single Point Capital to forge a relationship with Polaris to expand services and give their trucking customers access to fast and flexible freight factoring services. After all, carriers need access to working capital in order to thrive and grow, and this new partnership will allow carriers to have a one-stop-shop for both logistics and working capital solutions.

The Advantage of Factoring from Single Point Capital

Single Point Capital gives carriers the ability to factor unpaid freight invoices and access their funds within a single business day. We offer competitive advance rates with no hidden fees, and the ability for carriers to check the creditworthiness of their clients. Additionally, we can handle invoicing and collections so carriers never have to worry about outstanding revenue.

A Personal Touch

Dealing with automated phone services can be frustrating, especially if you have a question that can only be answered by a real human being. At Single Point Capital, every one of our customers is assigned a personal account manager who will answer all of your questions and provide back office support. We believe in putting you in contact with real people.

Beyond Factoring

By signing up for factoring services from Single Point Capital, you get much more than fast financing. Our clients also get access to huge discounts on fuel from suppliers and service stations. Owner-operators can get assistance when launching their own carrier service. We offer a wide range of services and solutions that go beyond factoring, which is what helps to make our partnership with Polaris Logistics Group such a complimentary match.

To learn more about our new partnership or any of the services we offer, contact Single Point Capital today.