New Trucking Companies: Finding Shipments and Dispatching

New trucking companies tend to work locally, but there is an ebb and flow to demand. Sometimes it can seem like feast or famine trying to find loads from shippers or wholesalers, but there is an easier way to keep business rolling and maintain a strong cash flow to cover overhead and promote growth.

Dealing with Shippers Directly

The relationship between carriers and shippers has been a ping-ping game for as long as anyone can remember. If the trucking industry learned anything from 2019, it’s that all it takes is the slightest scare and the whole freight industry can be knocked off balance. Back at the end of 2018, the White House threatened tariffs on imported goods, including consumer electronics. This resulted in a fourth-quarter rush for shippers to get products to their destinations. Trucking companies suddenly had the upper hand, and were able to negotiate excellent rates, while making plans for growth, thinking this was going to be the new norm. The tariff threats turned out to be hollow, and by the time everyone realized that, overseas companies had relocated operations to regions that would not be impacted by the import taxes. This left shippers with a tremendous surplus and little demand. As a result, trucking companies took a huge hit, and were often losing money in rate negotiations, leading to a good number of carriers filing for bankruptcy. In short, trucking companies need a way to find shipments with good and reliable rates.

Load Wholesalers

Wholesalers work with trucking companies from a different angle than shippers. Wholesalers provide lists of shipments that need delivery, either outside the range of larger carriers, or in conjunction with carriers that do not operate in specific locations. The appeal of wholesalers is that the rates are typically better than shippers, there is no negotiation, and the cost-per-mile on LTL shipments is usually better. That said, issues have come to the forefront over recent years with wholesalers not paying on invoices in a timely manner. Trucking companies accept jobs and find themselves waiting 30, 60, or even 90 days before they receive payment for jobs that were completed months ago. In some cases, trucking companies have had to resort to collections to get access to monies owed, which can add up to 45 days to the waiting time from the point the collections started. For these reasons, trucking companies and owner-operators that work with wholesalers – as well as shippers – use freight bill factoring from Single Point Capital. We can turn unpaid invoices into cash and make funds available within a single day, so you can focus on running your trucking business, instead of chasing down outstanding payments.

Finding Shipments and Dispatching

Owner-operators and trucking companies need a reliable source for jobs and dispatching. Single Point Capital has an exclusive network that offers the best rates for fleets and owner-operators in the industry. We offer a wide range of shipments, including flatbeds, full-sized dry vans, refrigerated loads, hotshots, power-only, and more. In addition to load boards and dispatching, our services include route planning, top rates, credit checks on shippers and brokers, invoicing and freight bill factoring, setup documentation, insurance certificates, rate confirmations, no usage minimums, and no term commitments. Additionally, every one of our clients has a personalized account manager who is available to answer your questions and get you connected with loads that have the best rates in the trucking industry. We are committed to providing comprehensive dispatching services so trucking companies and owner-operators can generate revenue constantly, while dealing with a partner that has decades of experience in the trucking industry. Our team works with owner-operators and fleets of all sizes to find shipments that are the right fit for their business, so they can thrive and grow in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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Whether you are operating out of a major metropolitan area or in a region that is removed from the major freight arteries, Single Point Capital has you covered. Our dispatching services offer a one-stop shop for owner-operators and trucking companies of all types. If you want to keep your cash flow healthy, contact Single Point Capital today and never miss out on a load.