Recognizing Truckers as First-Responders

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been looking at scientists and healthcare professionals as the heroes on the front lines who are helping us all. Without a doubt, those people are putting their lives at risk to save ours, but there is another large segment of the American population that is often overlooked despite all they have done during this crisis and others – truckers.

Truckers experienced the impact of COVID-19 as the first cases were being reported

People were not prepared to hear or read the news of the first cases in this pandemic. Fear set in, and people started panic-buying toilet paper, flour, canned goods, household cleaners, and other items. This rush raised the demand for products and truckers kept deliveries moving to stores to keep them supplied as much as possible.

Truckers have been on the front lines across all industries

After the panic subsided and people were trying to make long-term plans, truckers were ahead of the curve. The trucking industry and shippers have been working together to keep supply chains moving. While fewer people are going out to shop for goods, delivery services have kicked into high gear, and truckers have made sure that stores are being supplied with products. Manufacturers turning out medical and diagnostic equipment, as well as the construction products used to make short-term hospital facilities, are relying on truckers to bring raw materials to manufacturing facilities and then haul the finished goods to their destinations. On top of it all, truckers are doing everything they can to stay safe and healthy during hauls – especially when their work requires them to go into areas where the rate of infection is extremely high.

Looking to the future

Most people cannot say for certain how everything is going to pan out. Traditional businesses are embracing e-commerce while others are adapting to new models to generate revenue. The trucking industry is gaining more leverage for spot rates and owner-operators are experiencing increased demand for their services. But above it all, truckers and their commitment will get people and hospitals the products they need so we can be safer and healthier, and it will be the trucking industry that keeps our economy moving during this very serious point in history.

From all of us at Single Point Capital, we salute the truckers of America as the unsung first-responders of 2020.