Freight Bill Factoring in St. Louis, MO

We provide comprehensive factoring for trucking companies in St. Louis, MO.

St. Louis, MO is a main hub for freight carriers. Products and raw materials spanning every industry pass through St. Louis to arrive at destinations all over the United States. Freight Carriers and owner-operators based in St. Louis rely on healthy cash flow and working capital to maintain operations and grow their market share. At Single Point Capital, with work with freight carriers in St. Louis, MO to ensure they get fast access to revenue from shippers, brokers, and direct customers instead of waiting for long periods to receive payments. We work directly with carriers throughout the St. Louis area to create customized factoring solutions so they can achieve long-term success.

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Freight Bill Factoring for Carriers

Carriers in St. Louis, MO follow standard trucking business practices, issuing invoices with staggered payment schedules of 30, 60, and even 90 days. These staggered payment schedules place a strain on cash flow and create gaps in revenue as carriers try to make payroll and cover overhead while they wait for payments to come in from their customers. Freight bill factoring from Single Point Capital eliminates staggered payment schedules by converting unpaid freight bills into cash quickly, so local carriers can get fast access to payments and optimize cash flow. Single Point Capital’s freight bill factoring services for St. Louis, MO carriers feature:

  • Receivables to cash within a single day
  • No debt on the balance sheet
  • Free credit checks on qualifying customer accounts
  • No upper limits
  • Free to sign up
  • Fuel and insurance benefits

Fast Access to Funds

Single Point Capital is committed to eliminating staggered payment schedules. Our freight bill factoring services convert unpaid receivables into cash within a single day. Owner-operators and trucking companies in St. Louis can say goodbye to long waiting times and get immediate access to revenue by using our freight bill factoring services. This allows carriers to boost cash flow, cover expenses, and build up capital reserves to roll out plans for growth. Getting access to funds from unpaid freight bills within 24 hours gives St. Louis carriers a big advantage over trucking companies that stay with traditional staggered payment schedules.

No Unnecessary Debt

When revenue cycles are uneven, carriers often turn to short-term loans to smooth out cash flow while waiting for payments from customers. The additional debt from those short-term loans ends up placing a larger strain on finances, making recurring cash flow issues even more challenging. Freight bill factoring services from Single Point Capital does not place debt on the books or impact credit ratings, so trucking companies in St. Louis can boost cash flow without needing debt-based financing to smooth out uneven revenue cycles.

Get Started Today

Whether you are an owner-operator in St. Louis, MO or if you are running a trucking company of any size, Single Point Capital will help you optimize cash flow with our freight factoring services, and provide a suite of tools to help carriers manage finances, upcoming payments, and even run credit checks on their customers. Contact Single Point Capital today to get started