The Single Point App

The Single Point Mobile App makes factoring invoices and managing your business easy. We know that most of our clients are on the road, so we designed our mobile app so you can quickly scan invoices and submit them for same-day funding. Our app also quickly determines the creditworthiness of your customers and gives you direct access to our portal so you can manage your account. Our account allows clients to:

• Create and submit your completed loads to get paid fast
• Upload images or scan paperwork simply with your phone
• Manage your account with real-time data using our new account management portal
• Access to unlimited credit checks for brokers/debtors for instant credit decisions
• Receive push notifications that provide live updates from SPC to keep you informed
• Determine your payments instructions to customize how you want to be funded

The Single Point Mobile App is available for iOS and Android

Single Point Load Board

Always stay loaded with our in-house load board, one of the many benefits of being a Single Point client. You’ll find exclusive loads and rates that are reserved for you.

• Filter search results by rate, origin, destination, equipment types, and more
• Exclusive access to thousands of live FTL/LTL with real-time data
• Allows real-time planning enabling optimization
• Can help curb deadheading
• Utilize available capacity to increase revenue

Single Point Account Management Portal

Single Point Capital’s account management portal provides clients with a secure and responsive platform that can be used to view the latest account information, search invoices and payments, run reports, and more. From the portal, you can:

• View up-to-date financial information at a glance on the dashboard
• Create and submit purchase batches
• Request and print reports and exports
• Search existing invoices, payments, transactions, and debtors
• Add debtors, request credit and disbursements, and much more
• Review and understand the status of accounts receivable

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